Town of Redington Shores Update

For those who’ve recently watched the reports of destruction from Hurricane Michael, you quickly realize the powerful impact of high winds and storm surge on a coastal community. The fact that this storm developed from a low-pressure area in the Western Caribbean to a major Category 4 hurricane in less than a week reminds us how important it is to have a detailed plan for your family well in advance of the actual storm. The Town of Redington Shores is committed to providing our residents and visitors with important information to help you prepare for flood risks and we have made these resources available on our town website. I would encourage you to visit the “Flood and Hurricane” page on this website for important information on reducing your flood hazard risks.

On a related note, I am pleased to announce that the Town of Redington Shores has transitioned our resident communication over to the Alert Pinellas platform through Everbridge. This change will allow us to send real-time targeted information to specific sections of our town. For example, if we have an unusually high tide and floodwater that is impacting homes on 180th Ave E, we can send an e-mail, text or call to the residents only on the affected street. Although we have imported all of the e-mail addresses from our previous communication platform into Alert Pinellas, we do not have your cell or home phone numbers in the system. Please update your contact information to add text / phone notifications. I encourage everyone to sign up for Alert Pinellas at

Another topic that has certainly been in the news lately is the return of red tide to our beaches. Although we may have been spared from the direct impact of Hurricane Michael, the high winds and resulting Gulf current have contributed to a significant increase in the respiratory irritation and fish kills on our beaches. The town’s maintenance team has resumed cleanup efforts – tackling both the fish kill as well as the debris washed up from the recent storm. Pinellas County has also mobilized their cleanup crews – adding 23 new contractors for beach duty and operating 3 beach rakes, 4 loaders and adding an aquatic harvester for the intracoastal waters. Between the efforts of Pinellas County, their contractors and the Town of Redington Shores staff, we remain committed to keep our beaches as clean as possible for our residents and visitors. We have received several inquiries about the beach nourishment project that began prior to Hurricane Michael. The good news is that they did not place any sand on our beach before the event. I know several towns have been negatively impacted by it and lost a significant amount of newly placed sand. They will be resuming the nourshiment project in our town, but we do not have the updated schedule yet.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mayor Henderson