We are reaching out to our residents in Pinellas County to share educational information about two constitutional amendments on the Florida ballot this November that will have a significant impact on local property taxes.

Florida Amendment 1 would add a third homestead exemption for a limited portion of properties on assessed value from $100K-$125K. Only 1 in 3 Pinellas homes would qualify for this exemption. Lower assessed homes, renters and businesses would not qualify. Amendment 1 is projected to reduce local government funds countywide by $42.5 million starting in FY2020.

Florida Amendment 2 would make permanent the current 10% cap on property tax assessments for non-homestead properties (e.g. businesses, rental homes).

Get informed and share important educational materials about these issues:

You can find out if your home would qualify for the third homestead exemption with the Homestead Exemption Estimator Tool, or invite the Pinellas County Speaker’s Bureau to offer a brief presentation at your next community meeting; fill out the online Speaker Request form.







Thank you for taking the time to get informed about this important topic.