Important Drinking Water Notice from PinellasCounty

Due to the impact from Hurricane Irma in September, the start of the water system maintenance program was delayed.

Effective Monday October 9th through November 3rd 2017, Utilities will conduct the maintenance program, which includes changing the water treatment method from chloramine to chlorine disinfection.

The water is perfectly safe to drink during this period, though you may notice a slight difference in the taste or odor of the water. Users of kidney dialysis machines and owners of aquatic life should not be impacted, but should contact their respective service providers for more information.

Chlorine was used as the primary disinfectant in the water for more than 50 years prior to 2002. Pinellas County switched to chloramine in 2002 to ensure compliance with Environmental Protection Agency standards. Many communities using chloramine convert back to chlorine for short periods of time to maintain system water quality.

If you have questions, please visit the Pinellas County Utilities website at or call Customer Service at (727) 464- 4000.