redington_shores_servicesWelcome to the Town of Redington Shores Clerk’s Office! We hope you find this site useful in accessing the services that we offer.

The Town Clerk’s office provides a variety of quality services for the Town Commission, for Town staff and most importantly, for our citizens. The office acts as the liaison between the Town Commission and the people who need to communicate with the elected officials.

The Town Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining the minutes of the Town Commission, including the certification of all ordinances and resolutions and is the official custodian of the Town seal.

The department provides administrative support services to the Commission and Town board members.

The Town Clerk is the designated custodian for all records of the Town and public records requests are made to her office.

The Town Clerk’s Office is also responsible for preparing notices for all public hearings and ordinance advertisements in compliance with the Town code and the laws of the State of Florida.

The Town Clerk serves as the Supervisor of Elections for Municipal Elections.

The Town Clerk is the Financial Disclosure Coordinator with the Florida Commission on Ethics.

Acts as the Human Resource Director and is responsible for all Health Benefits, Worker Compensation, Liability Insurance, as well as all aspects related to Human Resources.

Margaret Carey, welcomes you to stop by the Town Clerk’s Office at the Town Hall with any questions or for information. We are committed to excellent customer service, and upholding the values of open government by providing easy access to the town’s public records.