Pinellas County is conducting an emergency shoreline restoration project to mitigate critical erosion caused by Hurricane Idalia. The project consists of constructing dunes. The active project area will move strategically along the coast, as County teams have triaged the damage and will work on the most critical areas first.

This project is separate from the federal beach nourishment project that is currently on hold with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Sand is being trucked in from an authorized location, placed on the beach and shaped into dunes. The new dunes will also be planted with vegetation (mostly sea oats). For more info about the project and timeline, please click here.

If anyone is interested in having their dune replaced to please contact Administrator Mike McGlothlin at or call town hall at 727-397-5538.

Below are some pictures of the project: (click on image to view larger)


Residents and visitors are reminded to stay off the dunes and outside of the active beach construction areas, for their own safety and to preserve the dunes.