Pollution PreventionPollution prevention is up to you! You can help keep our waters & wildlife healthy!

Stormdrains flow directly into our creeks, lakes, Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico without treatment. Volunteers are marking stormdrain inlets in your community with a sign like this:

  • Don’t blow debris into the street or gutter. When stormdrains get clogged, water can flood streets and homes. Recycle grass clippings and leaves on your lawn or landscape beds.
  • Don’t pour chemicals down stormdrains. Dispose of chemicals free at the County’s chemical collection center or a mobile collection event. Learn more at: www.pinellascounty.org/solidwaste/swapshop.htm
  • Dispose of swimming pool water properly. Turn off chlorinator and allow levels to drop to zero. Water can then flow through the landscape.

only rain down the drainFor more information about protecting water quality and natural floodplains, or to report a violation, visit www.pinellascounty.org/watershed or call (727) 464-4425.


Thanks and remember: Only Rain Down the Drain!