Heavy rain events during summer storms, tropical storms or hurricanes can introduce stormwater into the sanitary sewer system. Combine that with power outages at sewer system pump stations and the risk of a sanitary sewer overflow increases.

During heavy rain events your wastewater goes through your private lateral pipe to the public sewer system.

Pump stations move the wastewater downstream. If the power fails, pump stations temporarily cannot move the wastewater downstream until generators are put in place.

Once the pump station is back online, wastewater completes its journey to the wastewater treatment facility.

What can you do to help?

During and after a storm

  • Postpone dishwashing, laundry and other non-essential water use

Every day

  • Don’t flush baby wipes, personal wipes or other non-flushables down the toilet
  • Make sure the private lateral pipe that connects your home to the sewer system is not cracked or broken, allowing rainwater to seep in
  • Don’t pour grease or fats down the drain; dispose of them in the trash

We’re working with you to prevent sanitary sewer overflows.

Visit www.pinellascounty.org/taskforce to learn more about the Wastewater/Stormwater Partnership and the work being done.