Red Tide PollutionWe all share the desire to make our waterways cleaner. The outbreaks of red tide in recent years have made this more obvious than ever. While many factors contribute to the pollution of our waters, there are things all our citizens can do to help improve our water quality.

One of the most effective and simple ways to do this is to BAG UP THE LAWN CLIPPINGS FROM MOWING AND TRIMMING. Send them to the landfill instead of dumping them off the dock or seawall into the water. This may be a larger source of local pollution than any of us suspected. Nitrates and phosphates put the water chemistry out of balance. This recent lingering Red Tide made that pretty clear.

If we all respected this fact of biology, we could eliminate countless quantities of nitrates and phosphates from our local waterways, and maintain the paradise that we all live in.

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