Summer is on its way and with summer comes the Hurricane Season. Please mark your calendar for our educational Flood & Hurricane Awareness meeting May 15, 2017 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held here at Redington Shores Town Hall 17425 Gulf Blvd.

With summer also brings us the Turtle season. Clearwater Marine Aquarium will soon be doing their annual lighting survey around our area. Let’s all be proactive and take steps to abate the potentially harmful lighting to the turtles.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome two new members to our Board of Commissioners. Commissioner Pat Drumm was elected unopposed and will be representing District 4 and Commissioner Jeff Neal was elected to represent District 2. Though the years and expertise of Mr. John Branch and Mr. Lee Holmes will be missed, I look forward to working with the two new commissioners.

Please have a Safe & Wonderful Summer!

Upcoming Events – Thanks to the generous  donations from our local businesses and our  residents our July 4th 2016 celebration was  excellent again last year. We are already  taking donations for July 4, 2017, and with  your help we hope to have as great a  celebration this summer.

The town has been very pro-active in dealing  with the recent sanitary issues around the  state/county.

Inflow and infiltration are the technical terms  referring to rainwater and/or groundwater  that enter the sewer system through such  sources as cracked pipes, leaky manholes,  improperly connected storm drains, roof  gutter downspouts and opened cleanouts.  Most inflow comes from rainwater and most  infiltration comes from groundwater. The  Town’s system is designed to handle only  sanitary sewage and not storm water runoff.  To prevent excess water from being sent to  the sewer system and your money going  down the drain, please practice the following:

  • Inspect the rain gutters on your house to  see if the downspout connects to a  sewer line. If the gutter downspouts are  connected to the sewer line, have them  disconnected. The rainwater needs to be  directed onto your lawn
  • For those that live on the water front  please let the town know if you see our  drains plugged up with oysters or  barnacles
  • Locate and check your sewer cleanout.  The cleanout is usually a small pipe,  about 4-inches in diameter, outside your  house. Replace missing or damaged  caps so that rainwater cannot get into  the sewer line – as this is your money  down the drain!
  • Check to see that outdoor patio, deck or  yard drains are not connected to the  sewer.
  • Check to see that pool overflow drains  are not connected to the sewer.
  • Avoid planting trees and shrubs over or  near sewer laterals. Roots can enter and  damage sewers.

The Town has been working actively with the Towns of Redington Beach and North  Redington Beach to plan our part of the Gulf  Blvd. Beautification Project. We are working with the engineering firm of Cribb Philbeck Weaver Group, and are still in the planning  stages. Although the project is still a couple years away from becoming a reality, it will  include undergrounding the cross wires from the east side of Gulf Blvd to the west,  improvements to the island medians, new bus shelters, and more. When finished our  stretch of Gulf Blvd. will invite even more visitors and residents to enjoy our wonderful town.

Steve Andrews, Building Official 
Many town codes require town employees to  enforce the specific letter of the law.  Ordinances such as un-permitted landscape,  over growth, trailer parking, business  licensing, noise, dog/cat litter etc.… please  call Town Hall if you have issues with any  code violations

Who’s responsible? 
The Town Codes, and Chapter 90 Land Development Regulations, say that you, as property owners are responsible.  As residents, association board members,  operators, and managers you are  responsible for any violations on your  property, even if committed by tenants.

Clerk’s Corner 
The Town Clerk would like to remind  everyone to mark their calendar for the  annual picnic October 14th.

If you wish to be included in Town’s “Constant Contact” email messages, please  provide your email address to town hall at, or stop by town hall to sign up.  You can also sign up by clicking here.


  • Household/Chemical Disposal 464-7500
  • Watering Restrictions 1-800- 848-0499
  • Mosquito Problems 464-7503
  • Water/Reclaim Emergencies 464-4000
  • After Hours Lift Station Alarm 595-5414
  • Town Sprinkler Issues 595-5414
  • Pinellas Co. Animal Services 582-2600