The following update by North Redington Beach Mayor, Bill Queen, was discussed at last March’s Big C meeting. The update summarizes bills that are currently up for debate that would affect beach towns and our surrounding areas. It is important that all owners/residents understand the impact such legislation has on their community. Below is a list of current legislation that has been proposed for passage this year that would affect our town.

This bill amends previous passed legislation preempting local prohibition of vacation rentals and prohibits local regulation as to the frequency or duration of rentals. This bill removes home rule authority by local governments.

Result: This does not affect our town at this time, but illustrates the continuing restrictions placed on local governments to govern and will adversely affect the lifestyle of our communities.

HB 41
This bill would prohibit a referendum process to any amendment for local development regulations.

Result: This bill takes away the voice of the people to vote on land development that affects them or their communities.

This bill provides that a city or county may not restrict a private entity from collecting solid waste or recycling to commercial or residential properties.

Result: Anyone can select their own sanitation company which results in trucks from different companies driving through the town Monday through Saturday.

This bill changes all local election from non-partisan to partisan.

Result: An egregious departure from non-partisan election where issues matter more that politics.

This bill removes the statutory limit of liability of tort claims against the state and municipalities. The current limit is $200,000 per person and $300,000 per incident. This bill increased the cap to $2,500,000 per person and $5,000,000 per incident.

Result: Increased amounts subject municipalities to bankruptcy.

This bill impacts a municipality’s construction permitting process and related permit review. It requires a 75% reduction in permit fee if the owner retains a private inspection of services. Reduces the time in which municipalities must provide written notice of receipt of completed application. Reduces the amount of times a municipality can ask an applicant for addition information.

Result: Reduces the time for proper examination of applications and increases the possibility of errors in construction.

This is a lengthy bill that creates a substantial change in the manner local governments adopt ordinances by requiring a municipality to conduct a business impact estimate before adopting an ordinance.

Result: Exposes local governments to lawsuits due to increased challenges to newly adopted ordinances.

Our local elected state officials are listed below. If you have concerns about these changes in our local communities, please contact them and voice your concerns.

  • Senator Nick DiCeglie
    9800 4th Street N., #200
    St. Petersburg, FL 33702
    Business Phone: 727-563-1910
    Capitol Phone: 850-487-5018
  • Representative Linda Chaney
    6798 Crosswinds Drive
    St. Petersburg, FL 33710
    Local Phone: 727-341-7385
    Capitol Phone: 850-717-5061