Now that the storm has passed and flood waters have receded, take a moment to formulate a plan for how to best start the clean up process. Not everyone experienced the same degree of flood damage so not everyone will need the same degree of clean up. Check on your elderly neighbors! Take photos of any damage as well as the water line on the outside of your home.


  • Shut off gas and electricity.
  • Wear protective gear. Remove standing water and all soaked materials. Shovel out mud. Remove wall interior surfaces and insulation.
  • Scrub walls and floors and then disinfect with bleach solution.
  • Dry thoroughly before rebuilding.

Filing Your Claim:

Dumpsters for Debris Cleanup

There are 2 dumpsters located at northeast corner of Constitution Park and Long Point Drive and 1st St. No appliances please.

The dumpsters will be there until Monday September 11th.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our website or call Town Hall (727) 397-5538.