While Redington Shores generally “dodged the bullet”, we know that some of our residents sustained serious flood damage to their homes. As the water receded, the town and its residents began the cleanup process. It is important that we understand the full extent of damage Redington Shores and its residents suffered from Tropical Storm Eta. This information will be valuable in supporting Pinellas County’s effort in obtaining a FEMA Disaster Declaration. Such a declaration could result in FEMA grant funding to residents for storm related repairs.

The town is doing its best to visually assess the damage by driving through our streets and looking for water lines on homes. But is impossible for us to see every one of them or determine if there has been any interior damage. If your property has had any flood and/or storm related damage, please call 727-397-5538 or email the Deputy Clerk at depclerk@townofredingtonshores.com

In order to help our residents during this time, Redington Shores will be waiving permit fees until 12/31/20 for repairs to damaged properties due to Tropical Storm Eta. When submitting your building application, be sure to attach pictures of the damage and CLEARLY mark “T.S. ETA” on it so we can expedite the permitting process. Remember when hiring a contractor, be sure they are properly licensed and registered with the town, and the permit has been PICKED UP before beginning any work.

If you have any questions, please contact the Building Dept at the above number or email address.