Pinellas County anticipates initiating construction of dunes and sand filled erosion control devices this week to mitigate damage caused by Hurricane Idalia, and there’s important information for beachfront property owners.

The project will start on Sunset Beach in Treasure Island and move into other impacted areas soon after. The County asks that individual property owners not to do their own individual projects so the County can install these designed and permitted improvements.

Property owners may be contacted by their city or the County to sign temporary construction easements. Please respond to these requests as soon as possible. If you have previously signed an easement for beach renourishment, no additional easement is required. The County will provide additional updates on the emergency work when available.  

The County reminds property owners who want to move sand back on the beaches after Hurricane Idalia to notify Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA)’s patrol team for sea turtle protection before starting and to follow Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) Program permitting requirements under the State of Florida’s emergency order as work is done. 

To notify the CMA team, call (727) 479-5564. Tell them who you are, what work you are doing and what address you require clearance for. Their team will inspect the beach to ensure the work will not damage or interfere with sea turtle nesting. An inspection is required for each day the work is done because sea turtles may come on to the beaches overnight and make new nests. 

Property owners are not to place sand in their dune line, and debris and rubble cannot be placed on the beaches for any reason. These actions can negatively impact marine turtle nesting throughout this nesting season and CMA is required to report violations to the state. 

These requirements remain regardless of the state emergency order relaxing the permitting requirements for earth moving. Some activities may require permits from the Army Corps of Engineers, Pinellas County and/or your local municipality. For coastal activities that require permits from Pinellas County visit When in doubt, ask at 

For additional information on the state emergency order related to CCCL and Joint Coastal Permit (JCP) permitting requirements, click here